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Below are currently offered scholarships. For more information, please refer to the contact details listed for each scholarship.

Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association 2021 Scholarship/Fellowship Application

Application Deadline: July 1, 2021 at 5:00pm

The Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association (SCCLA) supports the next generation of leaders by awarding annual scholarships and fellowships to law students who have demonstrated their commitment to advancing the Chinese American and/or broader Asian Pacific American (“APA”) community. SCCLA invites current law students (including LLM students) and law school graduates from the class of 2021 to apply.

SCCLA Scholarships are awarded based on

  • financial need, 
  • academic accomplishments, and/or 
  • active involvement and/or expected future contribution to the Chinese-American and/or APA community, particularly in the Greater Los Angeles area. 
Law students at all levels are encouraged to apply. There is no clerkship requirement for Scholarships. Scholarship recipients must attend SCCLA’s Virtual Scholarship Ceremony in order to receive their scholarships. The date and time of the ceremony will be shared once confirmed.

SCCLA Fellowships fund externships/clerkships for qualifying non-profit organizations with special consideration given for organizations serving or working on issues that impact the APA community. To apply for a fellowship award, the applicant must meet all requirements at the time of application, including completing a minimum of 150 hours/semester at a qualifying non-profit organizations. Fellowship recipients must attend the Scholarship Ceremony if selected as a recipient. 

In addition to the application, Fellowship applicants must submit:

  • resume, 
  • law school transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable), and 
  • verification of completed fellowship hours completed by their supervisor.

Additional Requirements and Guidelines

  1. A qualifying non-profit organization must be a southern California 501(c)(3) organization that provides free legal services for low-income individuals and families. Special consideration will be given to those fellowship applicants that worked at a non-profit organization that serves the Asian American and Pacific Islander community or issues that impact this community.
  2. Fellows are expected to work 150 hours per semester (minimum of 15 hours per week for at least 10 weeks).
  3. Fellowship applicants must submit verification of hours worked from the non-profit organization using the attached certification form.
  4. Up to three separate fellowships will be awarded per year. A previous fellowship recipient can apply for a second fellowship, so long as all requirements are additionally met for the second fellowship.
  5. A student can apply for both a Scholarship and a Fellowship, as long as all requirements are met. Please indicate in the application that you are applying for both.
  6. Selected fellows may also use their Fellowship to receive academic credit so long as expressly permitted by their school.
  7. If the position at the non-profit organization is paid, such as through grants or stipends, please disclose the amount received in the application below.
  8. Potential candidates may be contacted if there are multiple eligible applicants. Once selected, a fellow may be further interviewed by the Fellowship donor for networking purposes.
  9. Attendance at the Virtual Scholarship Ceremony is mandatory for selected fellows.

To complete the application, click this link.

Questions? Email us at  scholarships@sccla.org.

Korean American Bar Association of Southern California - 2021 KABA Scholarships.

Application Deadline: April 16, 2021

Based on available funding, KABA will be awarding a number of $1,000 – $2,500 scholarships to law students in the Southern California area.

Kenneth B. Chang Memorial KABA Foundation Scholarship
This scholarship was named in honor of Judge Kenneth B. Chang, who was KABA’s inaugural president and the first Korean American to be appointed to the Superior Court in Southern California. Judge Chang immigrated to the United States in the early 1950s and graduated from Santa Clara Law School. After working in a civil litigation firm, he joined the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office as a criminal prosecutor. In 1968, Judge Chang worked for the U.S. government in Korea, where he negotiated and drafted the Status of Forces Agreement, which set guidelines on the Korean government’s treatment of U.S. military personnel in Korea. He returned to Los Angeles in 1972, practicing in the private sector until 1980, when he was appointed to the Superior Court bench by Governor Jerry Brown. Judge Chang was the first and only Korean American judge in Los Angeles until 1998, since which time several Korean Americans have followed in Judge Chang’s footsteps to serve on the bench.

Additional Scholarships
Additional scholarships are funded through the generous annual donations from the law firm LimNexus LLP, KABA Past Presidents, OCINET, as well as other individual contributions.

To Apply

The scholarships are open to law students who currently attend a law school in Southern California. We are seeking applicants who can demonstrate, through past, current, or future contributions, a commitment to serving the Korean American community and/or Asian & Pacific Islander American community. Financial need and availability of other resources—including receipt of other scholarships, fellowships, and awards—may be factors.

Law students will be evaluated based on their completed applications. The scholarships will be presented at the 2021 KABA annual installation event on Thursday, May 6, 2021.

Please complete and sign the attached application. Applications will be accepted by email at foundation@kabasocal.org (it is preferred, but not required, that all documents be combined into a single PDF attachment). 

To complete the application, click this link.

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