Code of Conduct

The Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Los Angeles County (APABA) is a member organization of attorneys, judges and law students throughout Los Angeles County.

Its mission is to be a voice for issues of concern to the Asian/Pacific Islander American (APIA) community, foster the exchange of ideas and information, promote professional growth, provide opportunities for interactions among members, collaborate with other bar organizations, and serve the community at large in addition to the local APIA community.

To accomplish its mission successfully, it is important to the Board of Governors that APABA adopt a Code of Conduct that is consistent with its values and central to all of its activities.

Accordingly, it is a requirement that all APABA members and attendees of APABA events and APABA-co-sponsored events agree to abide by the following principles in all conduct related to APABA activities. This includes all types of communications (written or verbal) with, between, and among APABA members or event attendees, including but not limited to in-person and virtual meetings, phone calls, emails, text and internet messages, online forums, and social media.

1. Engage in professional behavior that promotes respect, care, and concern for others. APABA does not tolerate inappropriate conduct, which includes actions or statements that are hateful, harassing, demeaning, rude, insulting, or discriminatory.

2. Communicate ideas and opinions with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. APABA promotes community dialogue and healthy discussion in which contrary opinions will often be shared (and should be shared), but must be done so with professionalism and respect for a diversity of perspectives.

3. Report to the APABA Board of Governors Executive Committee (the “Executive Committee”) any conduct or actions that are contrary to this Code of Conduct. Be supportive of others and speak up to the greatest extent possible.

Reporting Inappropriate Conduct

Any APABA member or event attendee may report any alleged violation of this Code of Conduct to the Executive Committee and/or to the President, in person or at The President and/or the Executive Committee will conduct a confidential investigation of the alleged violation, unless the President or a member of the Executive Committee is alleged to have violated the Code of Conduct, in which case the remaining members of the Executive Committee will conduct the investigation. As part of the investigation, in its discretion, the President and/or members of the Executive Committee may interview the member or event attendee. Information and sources derived from the investigation are to remain confidential to the extent possible.

Censure, Suspension, or Termination of Membership

If upon investigation, the Executive Committee finds the member to have violated this Code of Conduct, the Executive Committee may, in its discretion, meet with the member to share the results of the investigation and/or express disapproval for the alleged violations of the Code of Conduct and to discuss potential remedies.

If the Executive Committee determines that censure, suspension, or expulsion from membership is required, the Executive Committee will file written charges against the member and provide at least ten days’ written notice of a proposed hearing before the Board of Governors. At the hearing, the member charged shall be given the opportunity to be heard and to present evidence in answer to such charges. A two-thirds majority vote of Board members is required to issue a formal statement of disapproval, suspend, or expel. Written notice will then be provided to the member.

Any member against whom the Board of Governors has voted to issue a formal statement of disapproval, suspension, or expulsion from membership may appeal the determination by filing a written notice with the Secretary of APABA within 60 days. In the event of an appeal, an affirmative vote of a majority of the members present at a membership meeting shall be required to override any appealed censure, suspension, or expulsion.

Additionally, APABA reserves the right to report alleged violations by any such member or event attendee to the State Bar of California and/or other State Bars or law enforcement as applicable.

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