Judicial Pipeline Project

Program Description

The Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Los Angeles County has run its Judicial Pipeline Project since 2016.  The Pipeline Project is an effort to:

  • Identify and provide outreach to potential qualified candidates for administrative, trial, and appellate judicial offices in the state and federal systems;
  • Assist and advise these candidates in the application and vetting process and the judicial election process, including establishment of a formal mentorship program involving APA judges; and
  • Create and cultivate relationships to facilitate the appointment of APAs to the bench.

The Pipeline Project - the first of its kind in Southern California - will broaden professional opportunities for our community of lawyers and support and educate those interested in serving as judges. Candidates must apply to participate.  The need for this program is underscored by the lag in APA representation on California's bench.

APABA thanks its co-sponsoring APA bar organizations - APAWLA, JABA, KABA, NAPABA, OCAABA, PABA, SABA-SC, SCCLA, and TABA - for their generous support and participation. 

Program Features

The Pipeline Project will evaluate and assess individuals accepted into the program and tailor its resources to prepare these candidates for the bench. Among the Pipeline Project’s features:

  • Confidential Judicial Mentor/Mentee Program. Candidates may have an opportunity to be paired with state or federal judicial officers to discuss, among other things, the candidates' plans for the bench.
  • Application Counseling. Candidates will work closely with APABA’s network of advisors to prepare the best possible judicial application.
  • Endorsement Counseling. Although participation in the project does not in any way guarantee that candidates will be endorsed by any organizations, the Pipeline Project will advise candidates on obtaining community support for their applications to the extent possible.
  • Post-Application Guidance. Candidates will be counseled on what to do after their applications for judicial officer positions are submitted.
  • Interview Counseling. If a candidate’s name is submitted to the various vetting and rating organizations, the Pipeline Project will assist the candidate in preparing for interviews with those organizations.

Project Advisors

Project Co-Chairs

Candidate Participation in Pipeline Project

  • Candidate Requirements:
    • You must be a member of APABA or one of the Southern California co-sponsoring bar organizations. There organizations are: Asian Pacific American Women Lawyers Alliance, Japanese American Bar Association, Korean American Bar Association of Southern California, Orange County Asian American Bar Association, Philippine American Bar Association, South Asian Bar Association of Southern California, Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association, and Thai American Bar Association.
    • You must be a member of the California bar for at least ten (10) years and possess the equivalent years of legal experience.
    • You must demonstrate a substantial commitment to your community.

  • Application Process:

For the class of 2019 Pipeline Project participants, online applications will be accepted between until Monday, May 13, 2019.  Please note that if you have already applied for a judicial officer position, you will also be required to submit a copy of your application online (with personally identifiable information redacted).

To participate as a candidate in APABA's Judicial Pipeline Project, please complete the online application.   

  • Important Notes:
    • Candidate applications will be reviewed as they are received, and candidates will be notified of acceptance as soon as possible. The Pipeline Project reserves the right to request additional information from applicants.
    • Applications to the Pipeline Project will be completely confidential.
    • The Pipeline Project will consider all applications, but preference is given to candidates who have not yet submitted their judicial applications.
    • Candidates interested in the federal, state, or administrative bench may apply.

Questions about the Pipeline Project?

Contact Christina Yang and/or Roger Hsieh, Co-Chairs of APABA's Public Appointments and Judicial Endorsements Committee.

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