APABA's Statement of Solidarity

Wednesday, June 03, 2020 10:00 PM | Anonymous

APABA's Statement of Solidarity

In remembrance of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the many other Black Americans lost to individual and institutional racism in this country, APABA stands in solidarity with all those who demand accountability for the ongoing senseless killings of people of color at the hands of law enforcement who unlawfully exercise their power. This is an opportunity for our leaders to deliver justice and provide long overdue support for all who experience police brutality.  As evidenced by the recent protests that have spread across the globe, the world is watching.

APABA further condemns police brutality, white supremacy, and systemic violence in all forms against communities of color. Our community will not be complicit in perpetuating racialized violence and discrimination. We as Asian Americans and as members of the Bar must be fully committed to combating anti-Blackness and racial discrimination against all communities of color in our daily lives and in our society.

Finally, at a time of great unrest and violence, APABA reiterates the need for peaceful protest and accountability. As an inclusive bar association founded to embody the ideals of social justice, self-empowerment, and community service, we strongly urge our members to take concrete action to speak out, lend your support, and get involved in our Los Angeles community and beyond. Below are some suggested ways for you to contribute.


  • Serve as a Legal Observer

Legal Observers (LO) help protect protesters' civil rights!  NLG-LA is holding LO trainings.  Non-attorneys can get trained too.

Next Trainings: Monday 6/8 and Thursday 6/11 (both days at noon).  Sign up by filling out this form

  • Sign Up to Volunteer with the NLG Mass Defense Committee  

Sign up to join the committee with this NLG Mass Defense Committee Volunteer Sign-Up Form.  Due to the tremendous interest in volunteering to assist protesters, NLG has created this committee.  There will be a Zoom orientation session this Friday, June 5, from 3-4 pm.

  • Volunteer to Provide Criminal Legal Representation

If you are a lawyer and would like to volunteer to represent a protester, please email Admin@NLG-LA.org.  Even if you do not practice criminal law, you can volunteer because NLG-LA has experienced volunteer attorneys who can mentor you.

  • Connect Arrestees with NLG-LA’s Resources; Document Protester Injuries/Related Civil Rights Violations 

Please share this intake form with anyone who gets arrested while participating in recent actions, so they can obtain representation or legal support.  Those who participated but were not arrested can also report information about excessive force, protester injuries, etc.

  • Provide Jail Support

If you are available to go to Metro jail to help collect arrestee information (as protesters are released from jail), please contact Jiyoung Carolyn Park at carolynypark@gmail.com. Bringing snacks, water, and other sundries to weary activists is always appreciated.


This LA Times article lists Black-owned food businesses and other Black-owned businesses that could use your support.

APABA extends its deepest gratitude to those who contribute their time to these causes, and we stand in full support of you.

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